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Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4

The technicians at Stay Polished vary in levels of experience and industry knowledge. Stay Polished offers new talent as well as seasoned professionals holding various certifications. The newer talent is supervised and mentored by the level 3 & 4 team members. Whether you see a level 1 or a level 4, the utmost care and attention will be given at all times.

Service Pricing
for Level
1   2   3   4


Stay Polished Mani

Grooming of nails and cuticles. Light massage.
*Take home polish included.

$30 $35 $40 $45

Stay Chic Mani

Grooming of cuticles and nails, hot towel, moisturizing mask, and paraffin.
*Take home polish included.

$40 $45 $50 $55

Gel Mani

Grooming of cuticles and nails with gel polish application.

$30 $40 $50 $55

Gel Polish/Color Change

Light shaping of nails and gel polish applied.

$25 $35 $40 $45

Gel Removal Hands


Nail Art

Starting at $5

Gel E-File Manicure

Superior detail work on thicker cuticles.



Stay Polished Pedi

Relaxing foot soak in a pedicure chair with full shiatsu massage. Grooming of nails and cuticles, foot filing, scrub and a soothing massage are performed.
*Take home polish included.

$50 $55 $60 $65

Stay Chic Pedi

Stay Polished Pedi, with a hot towel and mask on the legs and paraffin on the feet and a soothing massage.
*Take home polish included.

$55 $60 $65 $70

Gel Pedi

Stay Polished Pedi with a gel polish applied.

$55 $60 $65 $70

Toe Polish Change

Soaking of feet, shape nails, lotion applied.
*Take home polish included.

$35 $40 $45 $50

Gel Removal Toes


E-File Pedi (Level 4)

Detail work on cuticles, and superior callus reduction. Customizable. Optional add ons… Superficial Fissure reduction, Corn reduction, Deep Crack reduction.

Starting at $80


Gel Mani / Gel Pedi
$80 $90 $105 $110

Gel Polish Mani / Stay Polished Pedi
$75 $85 $100 $105

Stay Chic *Includes one take home polish
$85 $95 $105 $110

Stay Polished *Includes one take home polish
$75 $85 $90 $95

*We do not re-use regular nail polish on multiple clients. You choose a new bottle of polish from the retail rack, it is used on you, and then you take it home with you. This is included in the price.

*Services are offered to ages 16 & up.*