About Us

Being affiliated with all aspects of the beauty industry for multiple generations we have been able to watch the change and growth in our field develop over the years. Our family felt that instead of trying to master every facet under one roof, we would specialize and focus on offering the best service and knowledge in one particular field… nails. Stay Polished Nail Spa was developed.

Featuring an upbeat 50’s vibe and a fresh, bubbly décor. Relax to the sound of Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.

Designed with parties and groups in mind, we offer a lounge where food and drinks are welcome, as well as other seating areas to relax in.

We take pride in the cleanliness and client friendly atmosphere to serve your every wish.

Our custom made pedicure chairs offer an oversized seat with shiatsu massage. The pedicure basin features a patented NoPipe system which eliminates internal pipes- the breeding ground for bacteria. We are also proud to say that with purchasing these specific chairs we are able to aid in the fight to protect our environment. The units are made with a minimal amount of plastic and energy and water consumption is greatly reduced with the utilization of the jet stream system.